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Author of the ‘Children of the Light’ and ‘RogueMermaid Anthology’ series.

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Nadia Duerson

Eye am a woman/mermaid who lives in Northern California.

Was born on a military base called Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, CA and grew up in Clovis in Fresno County, CA. Eyeve spent my middle years in Indianapolis, IN with the one set goal of getting back to my home state of California. In 2015 eye was finally able to do this. One could say eye am bi-western (claiming to be from the West Coast and the Mid-West), as both regions had a part in creating who eye am just as much as much as my parents.

Eye now live in Humboldt County, CA among the gigantic ancient redwoods surrounded by mountains smack dab next to the Pacific Ocean. Eye am very blessed by this.

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Andrea P
    Andrea P

    Not your typical Christian book...

    "...This book is about the difficult choices that plague each of us. It's about how we choose or not choose to deal with our sins. The sins in this book range from alcoholism, drug addiction, and sex. Yes, there are details. That's life. It's real which is why I actually liked this book. It's not Hallmark-y. Each character struggles to find God. Each makes serious mistakes. Each is human. But the end game is to make it to heaven. They take their time learning from their mistakes as well as those of their friends. And they have to choose repentance and Jesus or not. Nadia did a good job with the gritty details of real life for those struggling with sin."

      Mary Todd Gwinn

      A MUST READ!!! Couldn’t put it down!!!

      I could not put this book down!!! The storyline and characters drew me in. I found little pieces of myself and my experiences in the characters and what they are going through. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve yelled and screamed with Nora and her squad. Ms. Duerson delivers so much in this action packed masterpiece!!! Every bit of my literary soul was satisfied with this work. I cannot wait for her next installment!!!


        Great book! Well defined characters.

        I just wanted to say i absolutely loved this book. It is a great read and the characters are very relatable. Anyone looking for something different to entice this book is definitely for you!!! I can't wait for the next book!

        Lynn Smith
          Lynn Smith

          Excellent characters. Creative conversationalists

          I recommend this read to anyone who enjoys reading period. I am so inspired by the Author’s creative characters and where she takes you during this story. I love the communication between her characters and the dialogue they share. Kept me reading and I look forward to book 2.

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