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RogueMermaid Anthology 3

From my Spirit

Continuing her journey through prose, leaving lust for men behind, RogueMermaid still focuses on intimacy. But this time with herself and God. This is a book of intimate thoughts as she discovers how to love herself and God.

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Nadia Duerson

Eye am a woman who lives in Northern California in the midst of giant ancient redwoods next to the ocean surrounded by mountains and sky. Eye am very blessed by this. Eye love to write, and eye love people. Half the time eye have a hard time connecting with people because eye live in my head, the other half of the time eye connect with people so well eye cry…so eye write.

Nadia Duerson was born on a military base called Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, CA and grew up a military brat in Clovis in Fresno County, CA. She spent her teens to 30s in Indianapolis, IN with the one set goal of getting back to her home state of California. In 2015 she was finally able to do this. One could say she is bi-western (claiming to be from the West Coast and the Mid-West), as both regions had a part in creating who she is just as much as her parents. She now lives in Humboldt County, CA among the gigantic, ancient, redwoods surrounded by mountains smack dab next to the Pacific Ocean. She feels very blessed by this.

If you like drama, and living vicariously through outrageous, exciting, and realistic characters, you’ll love the ‘For the Masses’ series. These books aren’t about the apocalypse, they are about the people who go THROUGH the apocalypse while dealing with extreme emotions and deciding if they should believe in God and Jesus or not, despite everything going on around them.


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